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Sometime in September last year, YouTube announced the launch of its next-generation YouTube Go software for the next generation of Indian users. This would be an application aimed at being ‘offline first,’ and work on seriously reducing the data consumption of consumers. Now, reports have confirmed that the application has been officially launched in beta version and is available on the Google Play Store in India.

To give you a brief overview into the application and its design- it was programmed with four basic ideals in mind- relatable, offline metric, limiting data usage and social media. The design is fresh and with relevant video recommendations based on your user preferences and your listening history. The application enhances video viewing by consumers in bad data environments and also helps limit/ budget data consumption by providing choice and transparency into the amount of data spent on streaming or saving videos.

With this offering, YouTube vertically integrates into a market currently dominated by the likes of Spotify, Apple Music or Gaana (in the Indian context). The solution being offered here is an elegant solution to retain customers on its platform by giving them customized data consumption options when on the move, and away from their WiFi zones.

YouTube Go, apart for showing a list of trending videos will more importantly allow you to choose your resolution when saving or streaming videos, thereby allowing you to choose the amount of data you want to spend. It also allows you to share videos with friends nearby without using any data at all. The application allows for seamless sharing, in both online and offline contexts. As mentioned in ‘The Verge Magazine,’ “YouTube Go was also “designed to be offline first,” according to the company, so in addition to the option to just download videos, users can share them locally to friends without requiring an internet connection (aside from a 15KB security check when first playing a shared video).”

The official Google India Blog confirmed this development by stating on the 5th of April 2017, that “after months of expanded testing and refinement, were happy to announce that we are making the beta version of the YouTube Go available on the Google India Play Store.” They also placed emphasis on this software being developed through insights and features that they gained from their months of research into consumer needs.

While the motivations behind the launch may be construed in customer retention, Jay Akkad, Product Manager YouTube India rightly stated, “with the rapid transformation sweeping India’s mobile internet landscape, we know there will be an even greater demand for a fast and accessible video app. Thank you for continually inspiring us to build better products for the next generation, and to helping us make YouTube Go the best video app for you. “

Source: The Logical India, Scroll.In

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